Working Remotely and Securely with Newcytech's Solutions and Offerings

Stay Safe Working Remotely

The Coronavirus outbreak changed our lives! One of the major changes imposed is working remotely from the office. Several organisations depend on a centralised infrastructure to distribute business assets (e.g. files, services). Their existing infrastructure may span across a standalone file server to a full rack of servers. Now that the workforce must access these sensitive resources remotely in order to complete everyday business tasks, several technical issues are raised. A critical update of the infrastructure must be performed by several organisations in order to continue offering the required tools and resources to its workforce and, therefore, ensure business continuity.

Remote Collaboration Solution

Collaboration solutions for video conference , on -line meetings, screen share that will offer organizations the power to reach people, share information, and stay connected anytime, anywhere.

Remote Access Securely

Secure remote connections based on VPN and policy based management that will allow users to access and transfer data securely as if their devices were directly connected to the office network.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solution

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)  solutions for remote  employees to  access a reliable virtual desktop from one or more locations allowing the interaction with the operating system and  applications as if running locally from the office location.