The challenge

JCC Payment Systems decided to renew its aging storage infrastructure with a modern solution. They needed significant performance and availability benefits compared to their previous infrastructure.


The primary objective was to be able to run business operations more efficiently while reducing operational cost. Furthermore, they needed to implement an active/active datacentre solution as far as the storage infrastructure was concerned, to meet business continuity needs as specified by JCC’s business units.

Our partners in this case

How we solved the problem with our solution
NewCytech offered a solution based on the IBM V7000 Gen2 for both the production and secondary sites of JCC. As part of the services provided, NewCytech was involved in the H/W installation, configuration and the creation of the Hyperswap configuration on the V7000.


5x Performance increase compared to the previous storage systems.
Better resources (infrastructure) utilisation due to the active/active implementation.
Greater availability and improved business continuity at the storage infrastructure level.