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Bizhub ECO

We are taking action towards a more sustainable world

In today’s world of finite resources and pressing environmental issues, sustainability – in the sense of the ecological and social responsibility of companies and organisations of all sizes – is of essential importance. Acknowledging this and wanting to take action towards a more sustainable world, Newcytech has partnered with Konica Minolta, opting for their bizhub ECO service.

With this qualified choice, Newcytech not only enhances the efficiency of its printing processes but takes further important measures to reduce the environmental impact of its entire printer fleet. This valuable contribution to a sustainable world helps save resources and reduce waste ensuring climate protection. At the same time, Newcytech supports a social purpose and promotes equal chances for women in a developing country.

Waste reduction and resources saved, because …

As a rule, the bizhub printers Newcytech decided for already have a favourable eco footprint. Beyond that, Newcytech is taking advantage of the full range of pre-set ECO settings for additional optimisation. This enables the company to further reduce the environmental impact of its information-intensive input and output processes, thus saving valuable resources and minimising waste, e.g. from misprints.

Climate protection, because …

Actively pursuing carbon-neutral printing, Newcytech neutralises all carbon emissions that are unavoidable during the usage of its printer fleet. All carbon emissions related to the company’s bizhub print systems are calculated and are then offset with a certified carbon offset project on a wind turbine farm located on the island of Aruba, in the Caribbean. For this, Newcytech uses the service “Enabling Carbon Neutrality” provided by Konica Minolta in cooperation with the compensation experts from ClimatePartner.

Promoting equal chances for women, because …

Further to its commitment to reducing environmental impacts, Newcytech also supports a social purpose, empowering women in a developing country: Via Konica Minolta’s cooperation with their project partner Treedom, Newcytech is able to support girls and young women in Kilifi County, Southern Kenia, in planting trees of their own and generating their own income. Each of Newcytech’s bizhub print systems allowed a small-scale farmer to plant one tree on her own land – the initiative focuses in particular on helping women to generate an income and support their own families. At the same time, each tree planted in Kilifi contributes to reforestation, biodiversity and climate protection.